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Automatic car wash machine vs. Manual washing – dispute solved

What provides real harm? Let's figure out

Precise check under the microscope of electrons had proved that thanks to materials of modern brushes, washing is not harming paint or varnish of the automatic car wash machine more than hand washing.

There still gossips that automated car wash is way to bad for paint and washing with the hands are soft and gentle. This topic was researched by Technical University in Munich and here are results:
Under the microscope it’s clearly visible that hand wash makes varnish damages. Originally, surface of smooth varnish was covered with shallow pits and deep scratches. In a short period of time dirt and sand spike and scratch top paint cover. On the images you can see how small quantity of water during manual car wash is affecting varnish.
Only after hard top polishing you can recover initial smoothness and shine.

Automatic cleaning doesn’t create such problems. Even after 25 washes (average wash quantity per 2 years), car coverage doesn’t consist of such deep scratches. Even after multiple automatic washing paint remains smooth.

Getting back to the manual car wash:

The main mistake is in usage of inappropriate washing appliances. Sponge for cleaning easily contains dirt and sand in its pores.
Image shows microscopic surface of new sponge. But image under it shows all the dirt remained after good rinsing.
Due to smooth paint surface, water between sponge and coverage is quickly drains, therefore requiring more water usage during hand washing. Embedded sand particles in the sponges and towels acted like sandpaper on the paint
The machine-washed surface was smooth with less than 0,0003 mm marking.

But what are the numbers for automatic car wash?
Research showed that:

  • It gives cleaner surface without the damage inflicted by hand wash
  • The loss in finishing gloss after 8 washes approximated to 5% in automatic car wash whereas it varied from 15 to 35% by hand wash methods
  • Hand wash surfaces had more marks that couldn’t be accurately counted.

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