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INFOGRAPHIC: One Automatic Car Wash System


Car washing systems went a long way. Brushless, tunnels, with or without foam application, galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel bodies – range of models and sizes has lots of variations. But have we ever asked ourselves how useful automatic car wash machines can be? What are average numbers for one car wash system?
Let’s figure out some facts and usage of them.

  • How many cars one carwash machine is washing per year?
    Statistically, one car wash is washing 20 cars per day in average. Surely, it’s very mediate number, just imagine how Christmas eve boom or heavy rain can affect people’s mind that “Oh, my car is way to dirty”, so let’s stick to some meaningful point. Multiplying that number by 365, we get up to 8 000 cars per year. Just imagine if those cars will align in a queue… 28 kilometres in total.
  • How long does it wash one car?
    In average it takes from 2 to 3 minutes. So median is 2,5. Time suitable to drink one cup of coffee.
  • How much dirt does it wash from one machine?
    Again we are looking on some average numbers (sure after safari racing car can be wrapped in 3 kilos of a mud, but that is not the rule): 100gr per car. If you live in urban zone and washes car once a month, that’s what you are up to.
    But now let’s calculate it for a year: 100 by 365 = 300 kilos.
  • How much water does it use?
    75 litres per car in average. If you will compare it to manual car washing, difference in numbers will put you in a shock: 75 litres vs. 530 litres. Too much, isn’t it? But why it happens? The reasons are:

    • Modern car washing systems uses high pressure nozzles and pumps which are under a big pressure (3,5 Bar in average) swoosh along the car and conserve water very effectively
    • Brushes from soft bristles, which are covering the whole surface of the carcass. With one big move it get the areas where person needs to deal a few times
    • Water recycling systems. Probably the best thing about modern car washes. Just imagine that system capacity is from 60 to 1000 litres/min and it saves 90% of water! I guess that you still have concerns that it uses some chemicals, but again there are systems cleaning water by electrical-physical principle.
  • What if compare efficiency of automatic to manual car wash?
    Partially answer was in previous point. But let’s extend it. If car wash takes 2-3 minutes, manual wash is up to 10. If car wash recycles water, manual car wash releases it directly in the ground (soap, oils, sludge, etc.). Automatic car wash uses special facilities to prevent such water inefficiency.

So now you are thinking how did you wash your car before. Well, you can’t change the past, so let’s focus on the present and future. Every time you will give your car to service or get to the gasoline station, remember that 2-3 minutes, one cup of coffee and you are with the clean car and conscience.
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