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Automatic Tunnel Car Wash

  • Araç yıkama tüneli - DBF
  • tunnel car wash - DBF
  • car wash conveyor - DBF
  • tünel oto yıkama makinaları fiyatları - DBF
  • konveyor araç yıkama - DBF
  • tünel tipi araç yıkama sistemleri
  • tunnel car wash systems - DBF
  • Araç yıkama tüneli - DBF
  • tunnel car wash - DBF
  • car wash conveyor - DBF
  • tünel oto yıkama makinaları fiyatları - DBF
  • konveyor araç yıkama - DBF
  • tünel tipi araç yıkama sistemleri
  • tunnel car wash systems - DBF

Aqualine Tunnel Car Wash Models represent a technological and operational efficiency with the possibility of creating a wide range of systems which differ according to the washing and drying accessories chosen. In those models the machine is fixed and the vehicle is pulled on car wash conveyor. Standard unit of car wash tunnel systems is composed of 4 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal automatically pressure controlled brush. Tunnel car wash systems can wash vehicles (Cars, Mini Vans, SUV) up to 240 cm. according to the model chosen. Our PLC computer controlled models dryers (WD) the vehicles with a top profile following dryer which is made up of power saving equipment.

Tunnel car wash systems – briefly about technology

There is electronical counter, which counts number of vehicles that have been washed, on the side panel. The conveyor group is formed by rollers which comes every 1,5 mt. and galvanised chains that works with 2 speed gear box of invertor system. Vehicle is aligned to the conveyor by sliding wheel correlator and V shaped entry wheel guide.
Conveyor length increases as the optional equipments are added to the system.
Decorative Claddings, High Pressure Pre-wash Unit , Foam Arch, Short Skirt Brush System, Additional Drying Unit are some of the optional accessories.
The conveyor tunnels have a maximum washing, waxing and drying speed setting of 30 or 45 cars per hour. With optional additional equipment more speeds are possible.
Automatic tunnel car wash machine price you can know on request, because project differs according to accessories, dimensions, shassis wash presence, shampoo applying and much more which you can check in “Optional Accessories” tab. We would surely be glad to hear your requirements. As during 25 years of experience we never had two 100% identical project. That’s why we are estimating your project separately. Please, use “Ask for price” tab above images. There you can provide us required characteristics for desired conveyor car wash. After we receive your inquiry, we will provide you up-to-date information and price.

  • Emolient softner arch
  • Fiberglass roof
  • Additional contour following top dryer
  • Side Robo-wash (80 bar pressure, pre wash equipment including pump)
  • Foam arch
  • Side sill washes
  • Additional fixed side dryers
  • Half side under wash
  • Top Robo-wash (80 bar pressure, pre wash equipment including pump)
  • Translating brush
  • Chassis wash
  • Policarbonate roof
  • Decorative cladding
  • Prewash Arch with 20 bars
  • Wheel wash and half under wash
    Standard Equipment

  • The metal structure made of first grade steel sheets which are hot dip galvanised, phosphate coated and baked after electrostatic powder painting.
  • Self supporting structure fixed to the floor with anchors
  • All external bolts are stainless steel
  • 4 vertical and 1 horizontal brush group is standard
  • Bristles of the brushes, gear boxes, pneumatic and electronic components are first quality products from the manufacturer
  • Brush Power pressure control by electronic power control
  • 2x5,5 Hp contour following top dryer fans and 2x7,5 Hp fixed side dryer fan group is standard on WD Model
  • Side Robowash (80 bar High Pressure Prewash Unit) is standard on WDR Model
Technical FeaturesUnitW 240WD 240WDR 240
Max.Machine Widthcm.375375375
Max. Machine Heightcm.335335335
Max. Machine Width (With Deco Cladding)cm.400400400
Max. Machine Heigth (With Deco Cladding)cm.375375375
Max. Washing Widthcm.210210210
Max. Washing Heightcm.240240240
Conveyor Length (+Entrance+Exit Unit=200cm)M.95011901490
Capacityvehicle / h30 - 4530 - 4530 - 45
Air PressureBar666
Water PressureBar3,53,53,5
Air RequirementI / min.100100100
Water RequirementI / min.100100130
Standard Voltage and FrequencyV380+-10% Hz50380+-10% Hz50380+-10% Hz50
Power InstalledkW4,52630
Power ConsumptionKwh / vehicle0,15 - 0,20,7 - 10,8 - 1,2
Shampoo Requirementgr. / vehicle10 - 2010 - 2010 - 20
Wax Requirementgr. / vehicle-15-3015-30
Category:Car Washing Systems
Max. Machine W, cm:375
Max. Machine H, cm:335
Max. Washing W, cm:210
Max. Washing H, cm:240
Power Installed, kW:4.5, 26, 30

Maximum Washing Dimensions

  • Width: 210
  • Height: 240

Actual sizes vary with models. For further information, please, check "Technical Specifications" tab.

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