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CARISMA – Rollover car wash

  • otomatik oto yıkama makinası - DBF
  • rollover car wash carisma
  • rollover car wash - DBF
  • otomatik oto yıkama sistemleri
  • otomatik oto yıkama makinası - DBF
  • rollover car wash carisma
  • rollover car wash - DBF
  • otomatik oto yıkama sistemleri

Rollover car wash – CARISMA model is excellent machine which facilitates easy maintenance and safe operation. The trolley mounted vertical brushes are independently controlled from each other.
Carisma professional car wash systems are produced with different washing heights to wash different types of vehicles easily.
The Large structure of the body allows control panel to be opened from the back of the machine. Therefore the machine could work in very narrow areas in width.
Carisma type of rollover car wash is composed of three brushes (1 horizontal + 2 vertical). The vertical brushes with trolley-mounted motor-chain system can move independently and also can move together in front and rear side of the vehicle with double action overlapping giving accurate cleaning. Vehicle profile following drying unit are installed on WD types. Professional car wash systems are made in different versions giving efficient washing for vehicle heights in between 2,50 m. to 3,40 m. and widths in between 2,20 to 2,40 m. It can perform washing with shampoo + foam (both W and WD model) and on WD models wax application plus drying. Also fixed side drying unit system (WSD Model) exists. Polyester Decorative cladding, water splashguards, foam arch is standard. Gantry driver motors work with inverter control. Horizontal and vertical brush pressures are power-controlled. All the machines are products of high technology utilizing PLC computer programming. Optional rollover car wash equipment can be added, all list is stated in “Optional accessories” tab.

Car wash machine cost depends from the accessories, dimensions, foam application systems and more. We would surely be glad to hear your requirements. In 25 years of production we always had different projects. Click “Ask for price” tab above images to require from us precise information. And please don’t forget to write us your requirements.

  • Carisma type of machine are products of high technology like the other DBF machines
  • The metal structure made of first grade steel sheets and are hot dip galvanised, phosphate coated and baked after electrostatic powder painted.
  • All external screws are stainless steel
  • The machines is controlled by PLC computer to run different types of washing programs
  • Bristles of the brushes, gear boxes, pneumatic and electronic components are the first quality products of major European manufacturers
  • There is an electronic counter on the side panel which counts the number of vehicles the have been washed
  • Low voltage auxiliary circuits for safety
  • It can apply shampoo (both W and WD types) and drying agent wax (only WD types) to the vehicles
  • The gantry speed can be controlled by the inverter system which works with the gantry driver motors. Therefore in drying operations higher efficiency is provided with low speed of gantry
  • Elevated connection supply cables over a past is a safety against electrical shocks
  • Venturi for chemical dosing
  • The horizontal blower nozzle closely follows all vehicle contours to guarantee excellent results with a low energy consumption
  • The design of overlapping vertical brushes allow the bristle filaments to concentrate their cleaning action on front and rear surfaces of the vehicle
  • Emergency stop button
  • The horizontal brush follow all vehicle top contours during the washing time
  • Galvanised and electrostatic powder painted sheet steel cladding
  • Anti tilting device

  • Robo-wash (100 bar pressure)
  • Foam application system
  • Automatic Start with photocells
  • Chassis wash
  • Magnetic Card Reader or Coin operated start
  • Decorative cladding
  • Inverter controlled Gantry Drive Motor
  • Overlapping System Vertical Brush
  • Contour Following Top Dryer
  • Water and Chemicals distribution arches
  • Foam Arch
  • Automatic Start Up with Photocell
  • Decorative Glassfibre Cladding
  • Galvanised Rails 10 mt
  • Traffic Light with High Brillance LED’s
  • Manual frost Protection
  • Wheel Guide
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Chemical Dosage Pump (each )
Technical FeaturesUnitW 190W 250W 300WD 190WD 250WD 300
Max.Machine Widthcm.390390390390390390
Max. Machine Heightcm.250335370250335370
Max. Washing Widthcm.220220220220220220
Max. Washing Heightcm.190250300190250300
Rayli Gaugecm.310310310310310310
Rail Lenghtm.101010101010
Power InstalledkW333111111
Washing Time/Vehiclemin / vehicle222 - 2,5222 - 2,5
Drying Time/Vehiclemin /vehicle---3,0- 3,53,0 - 3,53,0 - 3,5
Air PressureBar666666
Water PressureBar3,53,53,53,53,53,5
Air Requirementit / vehicle100100100100100100
Water RequirementIt / vehicle70-11070-11070-11070-11070-11070-110
Electric RequirementkWh / vehicle0,150,150,150,70,70,7
Shampoo Requirementgr / vehicle10-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010 - 20
Wax Requirementgr / vehicle---202020
Category:Car Washing Systems
Models:W190, W250, W300, WD190, WD250, WD300
Max. Machine W, cm:390
Max. Machine H, cm:250, 335, 370
Max. Washing W, cm:190, 250, 300
Max. Washing H, cm:220
Power Installed, kW:3, 11
Washing+Drying time, min:2,0 - 5,5

Maximum Washing Dimensions

  • Width: 220
  • Height: 190-300

Actual sizes vary with models. For further information, please, check "Technical Specifications" tab.

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