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Firat Line – Go-through Bus Wash Systems

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Firat Line Automatic Bus Wash Systems has two different models (SC and FR). There are 4 vertical brushes in all models. 1 horizontal brush is available in SC and FR Models.
In FR bus wash machine models, all profiles of the vehicle can be washed perfectly and safely. Pressure direction of two vertical brushes is towards the front side of the bus. The other two brushes’ pressure direction is towards the backside. The vertical brushes on the front and backside turn opposite to each other so all the profiles of the vehicle can be washed perfectly and safely. Also the top profile of the vehicle are washed with horizontal brush perfectly.
In SC bus wash machine Model, only the side profiles of the vehicles can be washed. With additional horizontal brush, back and front profiles also can be washed partly. During the washing operation the machine is fixed and the vehicle passes through the FR machine with a speed of 1 km/h and through the SC machine at a speed of 40 m/min. All bus wash systems are automatic controlled. The machines’ start up and stop is controlled with photocell system.
FIRAT LINE FR model is used generally for busses can wash up the vehicles 12m long.
FIRAT LINE SC model is used generally for trains, trams and there is no limit to the length of vehicles being washed.
Emollient application arch, emollient wash arch, roof brush, additional rinsing arch, chassis wash and drying unit are some of optional accessories.
Bus wash machine price varies due to sizes and accessories. We would surely be glad to hear your requirements. As during 25 years of experience we never had two 100% identical project. To calculate automatic car wash machine price, please, use “Ask for price” tab above images. There you can provide us required characteristics for desired automated car wash. After we receive your inquiry, we will provide you up-to-date information and price.

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Category:Commercial & Industrial Washing Systems
Max. Machine W, cm:Upon request
Max. Machine H, cm:Upon request
Max. Washing W, cm:Upon request
Max. Washing H, cm:Upon request

Maximum Washing Dimensions

  • Width: -
  • Height: -

Actual sizes vary with models. For further information, please, check "Technical Specifications" tab.

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