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Ultima Hydrowash – Special Shaped Vehicle Washing Machine

If you are looking for an industrial car wash equipment and the best vehicle washing systems which you can wash different shaped trucks and tankers with both brush and touchless action ULTIMA HYDROWASH is for you.

Additional to the Ultima series the Hydrowash series Automatic Vehicle Washing Plants can combine the softener action with the high pressure and the brush wash.

Hydrowash series Automatic Vehicle Washing Plants can combine the emollient (detergent) action with the high pressure rinse and the brush wash for cleaning different profiled vehicles like the garbage trucks which are difficult to clean with the conventional methods.

The high pressure system supports the cleaning of the critical areas even on vehicles with difficult shapes like tanker, silo, garbage trucks and similar. According to the washing requirements, the unit can be equipped with up to 7 brushes different length and shape and pressure to be supplied by different power pumps and used with even rotating or reduced angle power nozzles.
For the washes that no brush could be used there also is the alternative of Hydrowash Brushless model which has no brushes but washes only with emollient and high pressure water.
The Hydrowash model range allows large choice of programmes to wash all standard vehicles. Additionally, it is possible to make tailor made designs for the customer needs.
On the Hydrowash series the top arch spray application is made in two alternatives. In Alter 1 the top arch sprays from a fixed height; In Alter 2, the top arch sprays from points preset by the PLC program; In Alter 3 the top arch sprays following the vehicle contour both during the Emollient application and the high pressure wash controlled by a precise photocell detection system. For the water jets to be targeted on the specific areas the system also lets the operator take the control of the action anytime and even with a RF Remote Control (Optional).

  • Additional Drying System (Water Sweeping Off – with 6 fans on a separate fixed gantry)
  • Hydrophore Pump (70 lt /min – 5 bar)
  • Wall-fixed Dryer with 2 fans
  • Chasis Wash (pump included)
  • Water Softening Equipment (For 20-40 Fr water level)
  • Compressor
  • Polyethylene Tank with level control (5 ton)
  • Diagnostic Panel(Showing Failures and remedies, showing washing numbers, make adjustments for brush pressure control)
Category:Commercial & Industrial Washing Systems
Max. Machine W, cm:460
Max. Machine H, cm:490, 510, 550
Max. Washing W, cm:270
Max. Washing H, cm:360, 400, 450

Maximum Washing Dimensions

  • Width: 270
  • Height: 360-450

Actual sizes vary with models. For further information, please, check "Technical Specifications" tab.

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