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Treyler-Container Interior Washing System

Automatic Trailer and Container Internal Washing System is the revolutionary new system for washing and sanitising the interiors of refrigerated trailers, containers and railroad cars. The robot sprays the cleaning detergent spreading inside the surface at its first move to the end of the trailer. On the return move all the pre-sprayed surface is washed with high pressure water and the dirty water is swept out again with high pressure water sprayed from the special nozzles under the robot. Another cycle can take place for sanitising. This action is fully PLC Controlled automatic and takes a little time.

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Category:Commercial & Industrial Washing Systems
Max. Machine W, cm:Upon request
Max. Machine H, cm:Upon request
Max. Washing W, cm:Upon request
Max. Washing H, cm:Upon request

Maximum Washing Dimensions

  • Width: -
  • Height: -

Actual sizes vary with models. For further information, please, check "Technical Specifications" tab.

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