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Automatic Car Washing Systems


Could you guess how car wash systems have been progressing?
Fırçalı oto yıkama - DBF
How the industry was changing over the time? Article involving expertise of our Member of board - Baris Ulku and DBF engineers, has been published on world's #1 ranked Carwashing portal - carwash.com He pointed trends which is present nowadays and will be popular in the future. Here some quotes: "For the last 40 years in Europe, electrical motors have been applied and still produced non-soft conventional brushes. Now, European carwash producers are still saying that nothing can get the mud out of a car like the conventional brushes that are not used in the USA."
Car washing systems went a long way. Brushless, tunnels, with or without foam application, galvanised sheet metal or stainless steel bodies – range of models and sizes has lots of variations. But have we ever asked ourselves how useful automatic car wash machines can be? What are average numbers for one car wash system? Let’s figure out some facts and usage of them.


Turkish Railways Ankara Fast Train Maintenance Center Demineralization Plant and Turkish Railways Ankara Fast Train Maintenence Center Hot Water Production Plant Installed (2016)

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