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Could you guess how car wash systems have been progressing?

How the industry was changing over the time?
Article involving expertise of our Member of board – Baris Ulku and DBF engineers, has been published on world’s #1 ranked Carwashing portal –
He pointed trends which is present nowadays and will be popular in the future. Here some quotes:
“For the last 40 years in Europe, electrical motors have been applied and still produced non-soft conventional brushes. Now, European carwash producers are still saying that nothing can get the mud out of a car like the conventional brushes that are not used in the USA.”

Also, the hydraulic drive systems and pneumatic piston drives of horizontal brush equipment had limits at that time in terms of vehicle profile following. As more sophisticated electronic drive systems progressed, the profile-contour-following precision has been made so much more effective for washing and drying during the last 10 years.

The new emollients manage to dissolve the mud on the surface and sweep completely over the vehicle with the usage of pressurized water with high flow rates, but not at such high pressures that they will damage the car surface. The impact nozzle technology lets manufacturers be more effective in touchless carwashing.

Now new trends in the market are biological treatment and reverse osmosis. Biological treatment uses aerobic bacteria to consume all organic material in waste water without generating odor, and as all material is eaten by those bacteria, there is not as much need for maintenance.

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